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How to Make Your Bathroom Smell Good?

Since the advent of bathrooms (it was not that long ago actually) people around the planet have been struggling with this issue – making the bathroom smell good. Now, we are all aware of what bathrooms are for, besides showering and taking a bath, so let’s not pretend that there aren’t nasty smells in there every once in a while. But there are solutions to this kind of problems, and that is the topic we are going to tackle together!

In the following article, I’d like to propose a different angle on this age-old problem. Instead of thinking about how to get rid of the smells that remain in the bathroom, let’s talk about prevention. Yes, it is possible to keep your bathroom fresh and nice-smelling all the time. Without further ado, let’s get on top of this old, yet relevant issue, and refresh the old bathroom with some new, pleasant smells.

The Main Sources of Bad Smells in a Bathroom

How to Make Your Bathroom Smell GoodYou might think that the main sources of bad smells in your bathroom are our bodily fluids, aka waste. But, as much as that is technically true, the true source of nasty odors is in something quite different. It can be a lack of adequate hygiene (we tend to focus on wrong things while cleaning), bad ventilation, sewage issues, or something totally different. Almost every modern bathroom is designed to let nasty gasses pass, but since these solutions are not mandatory, a lot of houses fail to keep the nasty smell away.

But, worry not, because we are going to talk about the most practical ways of revitalizing your bathroom, making it feel fresh once again. The market of today can offer you all sorts of different solutions when it comes to making a bathroom smell better. However, I would also like to mention some homemade remedies as well as DIY tricks you could utilize. It all depends on how bad the smells are, and how much time you can spare to develop a solution.

Before we go into this whole ordeal, I’d like to emphasize one thing – it is extremely important to be persistent and stubborn when dealing with bad smells. Sometimes it will take longer than just lighting a scented candle. You see, some smells have a tendency to settle into the toiletries or other objects and surfaces in your bathroom, so it can take longer for the unpleasant scents to go away.

How to Get Rid of The Smell?

Reinvigorating your bathroom is a task you can tackle from various angles. The best method would include tracing the source of the odor and dealing with the source first. And, if you want to be efficient at finding the source of smell quickly, you will need one tool above all – your nose.

Before you begin, you should try to sniff out the general area from which the stinky odor is coming. This is a rule which has one exception – it doesn’t count if you went for number 2 recently.

So, bathroom rugs, old toiletries, the toilet brush – try and find out where every source of the unpleasant smell is. Once you pin them down, you will have to deal with them differently. Additionally, it would be great if you made a mental note to avoid making the same mistake twice. For example, if you noticed that the garbage can is producing a lot of the nasty smell inside your bathroom, try to empty it more often. Consistency is key!

How to Stop the Smells from Sticking Around?

Unfortunately, thanks to the nature of the business that goes behind the bathroom doors, you can’t always apprehend the smelly culprit. Sometimes, you need to act reactively, and proactive smell removal can get you only so far. This is why we are going to cover some of the best methods to help you root out bad smells, apprehend some potential smelly sources, and make your bathroom fresh again.

1. Clean Often

This goes without saying, but cleaning your bathroom elements often is the key to keeping it nice and fresh. But people often look in the wrong direction with bathroom cleaning. You might be surprised, but the toilet bowl isn’t close to being the smelliest thing in the bathroom. After all, flushing is technically cleaning the toilet bowl every time you pull that chain or push the flush button.

When it comes to bathroom elements that give off the nastiest smell, the crown goes to the bathtub, or in some cases, the shower. Thanks to the irregularities in the material, like dents and purposefully placed anti-slip patterns, tubs and showers retain a lot of moisture. And we all know what moisture brings – microorganisms that stay and produce all sorts of gases and waste. Now, these bacteria are harmless for the most part, but the smell that follows them can become unbearable.

Another notorious (and similar) location is the sink. Despite the fact that the sink is smaller than a tub or a shower, we use it more often, and we mainly use it to get rid of all sorts of dirt quickly.

So, to sum this up:

  • Wipe and clean the sink area every 2 to 3 days
  • Wipe your bathtub or shower every 3 to 5 days, depending on how often you use it

Upping the hygiene routine also comes with an unforeseen benefit – if you wipe often, you won’t have to deal with cleaning all sorts of nasty stuff because it will never get to that point.

2. Invest in Scented Candles

Scents and deodorizers became a standard part of the western household. If you like to keep things eco-friendly, scented candles are the way to go for sure. Deodorants come inside cans, and disposing of those cans can be both tedious and harmful for the environment.

Scented candles are used in various rooms and occasions, but in the bathroom, they are most useful for their fire. Have you ever heard someone saying “light a match for heaven’s sake” after someone gets out of the bathroom? Well, there is a reason why flame works wonders against no. 2 smell.

Our bowel movements include a lot of gas, methane to be exact. It is a lightweight, flammable gas that’s at fault for all the smells that let loose during our visit to the bathroom. The point of a scented candle is to help burn out the methane gas faster. Additionally, every scented candle comes with a fragrance of some sort, so it also leaves a great smell behind.

There are some people out there that prefer to just gather some paper towels and light them up in the sink. While this can be effective, I am strongly against it for a single reason – this is a fire hazard. Spare yourself the anxiety of thinking whether or not you can light something on fire after you go for a bowel movement.

3. Toilet Tank Tricks

Now, to make things spicy, I will leave a few of my favorite quick fixes when it comes to making your bathroom smell better. Some of these solutions are not exactly the best, but they work quickly and can be a first-aid type of thing.

1. Fabric Softener

Believe it or not, a cap of fabric softener can be a game-changer if you pour one into the toilet tank. The fragrance will dissolve in the water, making the next couple of flushes smell better, thus refreshing your bathroom after use. However, this solution shouldn’t be a permanent one.

Firstly, a lot of fabric softener costs money, and that is not the way this chemical should be used often. And secondly, and more importantly, the fabric softener should not be used like this because it is not that good for the environment.

2. Essential oil freshener

One of the most common ways of dealing with bathroom odors, especially the ones coming from the sink, is the essential oil freshener. At its core, an essential oil freshener is a jar with essential oil in it and some sticks that absorb and spread a pleasant scent all around.

The downside of using an essential oil freshener is the space – you need to put it on a flat surface, and it can get in the way, especially if you can’t spare a lot of extra storage space. Also, if you have a larger bathroom, you could use a couple of these jars and multiply the effect.

3. Plants Can Help as Well

How to Stop the Smells from Sticking AroundYes, you have read that correctly – you can use plants, and even fruit, to make your bathroom smell good. The main two plants that can help you root out unpleasant odors are:

  1. Fresh mint – get some fresh mint from the farmers market and hang it on the bathroom mirror, under the shower, over the toilet, or someplace similar. The fresh mint leaves will not only freshen up the bathroom but it can also add some overall natural charm to this space.
  2. Lemon juice – get a pair of lemons, squeeze them and pour the lemon juice into the toilet tank. This natural aroma tends to stick around for long, neutralizing other natural odors, including the nasty smells. Another benefit of lemon juice is the acidity – it will work as a stain remover since the citric acid work wonders on oxidized ceramics (those nasty red stains on the back of the toilet).
  3. Coffee – get some coffee in a bowl and plant a tealight candle in the middle. Once you light the candle, the flame will burn out the methane, thus lowering the amount of smelly gases. On the other hand, the warmth of the handle will heat up the coffee adding the characteristic scent to the bathroom.

4. Baking Soda is Your Friend

Baking soda is arguably the best multi-purpose substance we all have at home. It helps with stain removal, cooking, serves as a quick-fix antacid, and most importantly – it does a great job with removing odors. However, baking soda, thanks to its powdery nature, is used to get the smells (and stains) out of the bathroom rugs and carpets.

The process is easy – spread a generous amount of baking soda on the smelly rug and leave it to soak up the odors and potentially trapped humidity out. The time that the baking soda takes to get everything out depends on the severity of the smells. So, after the baking soda does its magic, scoop the excess and use a vacuum cleaner to get everything out. Repeat the process if the smells persist. After you are done with the whole ordeal use one of the methods to make your bathroom smell good again.

Wrap Up

And there you go – now you know how to tackle this smelly subject (pun intended) and get rid of bad smells once and for all. Of course, getting your bathroom to smell nice includes more prevention than actually removing bad smells. That is why I always talk about how being proactive is the key to a happy, fresh-smelling home. On the other hand, if you are fighting serious water damage, or smells you don’t know the origin of, I encourage you to call a professional and be done with it quickly.

Bad smells in the bathroom (not counting ones that come from no. 2) can be an indicator that there is an underlying problem with the sewer system. Everyone should enjoy their time spent in the bathroom, regardless of the business they have there and so should you! Enjoy your time spent in the bathroom!

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