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7 Best Sliding Shower Doors – (Reviews & Guide 2022)

Keeping your bathroom dry is easy with the best sliding shower door. Unlike curtains, these are very efficient in capturing the water. Once they are closed, the steam and the water will remain inside.

However, picking something good can be quite a challenging task – which is why we hope that our sliding shower door reviews will be able to help you out. There are certainly many similar items on the market, but these have proven to be the most efficient. Along with our buying tips, you should be able to purchase the one that is most appropriate for you.

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Why Choose Sliding Shower Doors?

Best Sliding Shower DoorSo, why should you choose sliding shower doors? Why not go for hinged doors, or a top-rated shower curtain liner, for example? Are there any reasons why this investment would make things more beneficial for you? Well, let’s see a couple of reasons why this might prove to be the superior decision.

1. They Give Your Bathroom a Modern Look

When you install sliding shower doors in your bathroom, it automatically starts looking more sophisticated. You rarely see these applications in a standard bathroom – only in fancy hotels and suites. So, when you see them in a regular home, it automatically brings it up a notch. You’ll no longer feel embarrassed when a guest steps into your bathroom.

2. They Keep All Water In

When you are using curtains, you are always stressing over the direction of the water – mainly because the wrong splashes towards the curtain might send the water down on the floor. This is why you always need to be careful that the water does not fall into the curtain – which might also put you in an uncomfortable position in the shower.

With sliding shower doors, you couldn’t care less about where the water starts splashing. You position the water head in the way you want it to – and even if it splashes directly on the door, you know for certain that the water stays in. You can take a worry-free shower this way.

3. They Are Not Constricting

How many times have you tried taking a shower and you felt like you were personally under attack by the shower curtain? Steam can make the curtains move around – towards you – particularly if they were not weighted at the bottom hem. This is why you have to continuously put the shower curtain and liner back – an action that can ruin a perfectly good shower.

However, with sliding shower doors, that is not an issue. They will remain in their place, ensuring that you can enjoy a tangle-free shower – from the beginning until the end. They are not constricting – and they will give you all the space that you need.

4. They Are Easy to Use

With a shower curtain, for example, it might be difficult for a child and even some adults to keep pulling at the curtain and making sure that it’s properly covering everything. Sometimes, you may even have to stretch too much – an action that might prove to be quite dangerous.

However, sliding shower doors are easy to use – and they might be operated even by children. All they have to do is slide them by the handle, and they will fall in their place without them having to struggle too much.

Sliding Shower Door Types and Uses

You may think that there are not many types of sliding shower doors – but in fact, there are a few models to choose from. Here is what you may go for.

1. Framed Shower Doors

Sliding Shower Door ReviewsFramed shower doors are exactly what their name suggests: a frame that supports a thin glass. Generally, that frame is made from metal, and it is painted in a way that matches the rest of the bathroom fixtures – such as the faucets or the showerhead. The glass can be clear or fogged, depending on your preferences.

The problem with these shower doors is that since the glass is thinner, they are much likelier to break – unless the panels are plastic. This is why you need to be particularly careful with the panel. They are also more prone to gathering bacteria, as the frames are a bit more difficult to clean.

2. Frameless Shower Doors

Unlike framed shower doors, these do not have a frame – meaning that the glass is usually thicker. These sliding shower doors are more modern compared to the framed ones. Since there aren’t any frames to collect minerals and dirt, they are much easier to clean – and ultimately, represent the more hygienic choice. Because of this, they also tend to be more expensive.

These shower doors also tend to be more durable and resistant to damage. If you buy a glass shower panel and you slip something against the door, it’s likely that the glass for a framed model will break. However, since frameless models have thicker panels, they are more resistant to impact and less likely to inflict damage. You can also see further pros and cons of frameless shower doors.

3. Semi-Framed Sliding Shower Doors

Semi-framed shower doors will be framed on one side and frameless on the other side. Depending on the manufacturer, they vary in exactly how much framing they may use – but in most cases, the bottom will have a frame whereas the top will not. These sliding shower doors are more expensive than fully framed shower doors, but less expensive compared to frameless models.

4. Neo-Angle Shower Doors

These types of sliding shower doors were generally made to fit in the corner of a bathroom – and they are a great choice if you don’t have a lot of space to go with. These types only have one door, and you generally either pivot, slide or swing in order to get open and close it.

5. Curved Shower Doors

Are you bored with the classic straight sliding shower doors? Well, why not go for a curved model? These are not as common – but if you don’t have much space to spare, then you might go for these units. These panels feature a curved frame at the top at the bottom that will allow you to easily slide the door.

Best Sliding Shower Doors Comparison Chart

DreamLine Infinity-Z 44-48 in. W x 72 in. H Semi-Frameless Sliding Shower Door

DreamLine Infinity-Z 44-48 in. W x 72 in. H Semi-Frameless Sliding Shower Door

  • Price: $
  • Customer Rating: 4.1
  • Shower Type: Semi-Framed
  • Number of Sliding Panels: 1
  • Dimensions: 48 x 72 inches
View On Amazon
Delta Shower Doors SD3172277 Trinsic Semi-Frameless Sliding Shower Door

Delta Shower Doors SD3172277 Trinsic Semi-Frameless Sliding Shower Door

  • Price: $$
  • Customer Rating: 4.2
  • Shower Type: Semi-Framed
  • Number of Sliding Panels: 2
  • Dimensions: 60 x 71 inches
View On Amazon
DreamLine Enigma Air 56-60 in. W x 76 in. H Frameless Sliding Shower Door

DreamLine Enigma Air 56-60 in. W x 76 in. H Frameless Sliding Shower Door

  • Price: $$
  • Customer Rating: 3.8
  • Shower Type: Frameless
  • Number of Sliding Panels: 1
  • Dimensions: 60 x 76 inches
View On Amazon
VIGO VG6041CHCL6074 Elan 56 – 60 Inch Sliding Frameless Shower Door

VIGO VG6041CHCL6074 Elan 56 – 60 Inch Sliding Frameless Shower Door

  • Price: $$$
  • Customer Rating: 4.3
  • Shower Type: Frameless
  • Number of Sliding Panels: 2
  • Dimensions: 79 x 35 inches
View On Amazon
DreamLine Enigma-X 56-60 in. W x 76 in. H Fully Frameless Sliding Shower Door

DreamLine Enigma-X 56-60 in. W x 76 in. H Fully Frameless Sliding Shower Door

  • Price: $$$
  • Customer Rating: 4.3
  • Shower Type: Frameless
  • Number of Sliding Panels: 1
  • Dimensions: 60 x 76 inches
View On Amazon
SUNNY SHOWER Sliding Shower Door 64 in. W x 72 in. H Frameless

SUNNY SHOWER Sliding Shower Door 64 in. W x 72 in. H Frameless

  • Price: $$
  • Customer Rating: 4.3
  • Shower Type: Frameless
  • Number of Sliding Panels: 1
  • Dimensions: 64 x 72 inches
View On Amazon
Mecor 60"W x 57.4"H Framed Bathtub Sliding Shower Door

Mecor 60″W x 57.4″H Framed Bathtub Sliding Shower Door

  • Price: $
  • Customer Rating: 4.0
  • Shower Type: Framed
  • Number of Sliding Panels: 2
  • Dimensions: 57 x 60 inches
View On Amazon

Best Sliding Shower Door Reviews

1. DreamLine Infinity-Z 44-48 in. W x 72 in. H Semi-Frameless Sliding Shower Door

DreamLine Infinity-Z 44-48 in. W x 72 in. H Semi-Frameless Sliding Shower DoorIf you need to give your bathroom a definite sense of style, you may certainly try this product. This high-quality shower door with innovative design will clearly look great in any modern bathroom.

The thick panel is made from tempered glass, making it very safe to use. It would take great force to break this and it’s unlikely you could do this accidentally. The glass is also clear, meaning that you will get a lot of light in while taking a shower.

Since these doors are semi-framed, you will get the elegance of frameless doors – but also the stability of a framed door. Plus, the size can be customized according to your needs. You will just have to hire a professional to make all the necessary adjustments.


  • The surface is very easy to clean
  • It comes with a convenient handle for you to place a towel
  • Stain and scratch-resistant due to its exclusive coating


  • There is still a gap between the door and the wall that remains after installation
  • You will need a professional to install it

2. Delta Shower Doors SD3172277 Trinsic Semi-Frameless Sliding Shower Door

Delta Shower Doors SD3172277 Trinsic Semi-Frameless Sliding Shower DoorIf you are looking for a good shower door that does not look too fancy, nor too plain, then you might want to go with this model. With a semi-framed construction that can be adjusted to fit your available space, you may have the perfect showering place at the end of the day.

Moreover, while the main glass here is clear, you may opt for frosted or textured rain glass as well. Granted, depending on your choice, you may have to pay an extra sum of money.

The frame is also qualitative and can be bought in two colors: chrome, bronze, and nickel. This way, you may buy the one that fits with your bathroom fixtures the most. Bear in mind that while the installation is fairly simple and straightforward, it is still a two-man job.


  • The design is reliable and may be cut to fit every space
  • There’s a high diversity in glass texture and hardware color
  • The overall surface and frame is very easy to keep clean


  • There’s no threshold, so water may splash outside the shower area
  • The coating on the frame might wear off

3. DreamLine Enigma Air 56-60 in. W x 76 in. H Frameless Sliding Shower Door

DreamLine Enigma Air 56-60 in. W x 76 in. H Frameless Sliding Shower DoorIf you are looking for a full frameless sliding shower door, then you will certainly love this piece. With a glass width of 3/8 inches, it is strong enough to offer you the stability that you need – and to ensure that the tempered glass stays nicely in its place.

While it may be frameless, the door still has a few stainless-steel appliances that will act as reinforcement. If the glass endures losses after wear and tear, the shower will still be safely kept into place. The frames are not very thick or visible – which means that the entire shower will provide a sensation of openness.

This shower door also comes with towel bars and shelves included in the price. This way, you may keep your toiletries close – and you will not have to wet the entire bathroom simply because you have to get to the towel.


  • Elegant design that fits with most decors
  • Water repellant and stain-resistant, making it easy to clean
  • The tempered glass is strong and durable


  • Difficult to customize
  • It needs professionals to install it

4. VIGO VG6041CHCL6074 Elan 56 – 60 Inch Sliding Frameless Shower Door

VIGO VG6041CHCL6074 Elan 56 – 60 Inch Sliding Frameless Shower DoorThose of you looking for something as durable as it is classy might find this item interesting. In addition to shock-resistant tempered glass, you also have a chip, rust, and scratch-resistant array of chrome and stainless steel applications.

Thanks to the well-designed rollers, the doors can easily be opened and closed – without having to struggle each time you want to hop into the shower. Moreover, the doors are reversible, meaning that they can be opened left or right, depending on the preference of the user.

The material from which this shower door was made is stain-resistant – meaning that it will be very easy to clean whenever the need calls for it. Moreover, it comes with a limited lifetime warranty, so if anything goes wrong with the product – and it’s not your fault – you may receive coverage.


  • Very easy to install as long as you have an extra set of hands to help you
  • The door opens smoothly, without any bumps or blockages
  • It comes with seals that will prevent the water from exiting the shower area


  • Might still require the help of a professional
  • The price tag is rather high

5. DreamLine Enigma-X 56-60 in. W x 76 in. H Fully Frameless Sliding Shower Door

DreamLine Enigma-X 56-60 in. W x 76 in. H Fully Frameless Sliding Shower DoorDreamLine strikes once more with a high-quality Enigma product, the Enigma-X. Featuring a modern frameless design, this will look great in any bathroom that needs an extra touch of modernity. Plus, since the tempered glass is clear, it will give the entire bathroom a feeling of openness – making it more spacious-looking.

Featuring a 3/8-inch-thick tempered glass, the sliding shower door is highly impact-resistant – and while it might not resist someone throwing themselves against it with all their weight, it won’t budge if you accidentally elbow it or drop your shower accessories against it.

Moreover, the surface is scratch-free and stain-resistant. This means that not only will it look like new for a much longer time, but it will also be much easier to clean. All you need is a good glass-cleaning solution, and you’ll be done.


  • A very classy stainless-steel finish
  • Thick glass that is resistant to impact
  • The design is perfect for modern bathrooms


  • Some have complained about the durability of the rails
  • It requires professional installation

6. SUNNY SHOWER Sliding Shower Door 64 in. W x 72 in. H Frameless

SUNNY SHOWER Sliding Shower Door 64 in. W x 72 in. H FramelessIf you want to bring something ultra-classy into your bathroom, then this should clearly be your top choice. Featuring thick tempered glass panels with chrome finished application, this shower door will make your bathroom seem like that of a five-star hotel.

This sliding shower door has been equipped with a larger pulley that enables smooth sliding. Plus, since it features a top rail, you will get all the support and stability that you need for the shower door.

The entire construction is waterproof. Since it also features a shower door seal strip, it will not allow for the water to get out of the shower area. This way, the rest of your bathroom will remain nice and dry.


  • A long door handle that enables smooth pulling
  • Top and bottom rails assure proper stability
  • Strong tempered glass that is resistant to impact


  • The instructions are not very clear, so you will need a professional
  • The weight of the glass may end up warping the support

7. Mecor 60″W x 57.4″H Framed Bathtub Sliding Shower Door

Mecor 60"W x 57.4"H Framed Bathtub Sliding Shower DoorIf you are looking for something slightly more stable, and do not really trust the stability of a traditional frameless model, then you might want to give this model a try. Featuring a sturdy frame with an elegant chrome finish, this should work perfectly well with any modern bathroom décor.

This sliding shower door set has two bypass doors – which means that both doors can be opened. Moreover, you also get towel support on each door, meaning that you can easily grab a towel without getting the entire bathroom floor wet.

Since it fits most standard 60-inch shower bases, you may install it both on a shower pan or a bathtub. It’s perfect if you have a relatively small bathroom.


  • Sturdy framed construction that will last a long time
  • The towel supports are very convenient
  • The glass is scratchproof and easy to clean


  • The installation may be fairly long-lived and complicated
  • The rail is quite weak and needs to be handled with care

Sliding Shower Door Buying Guide

Sliding Shower Door Buying GuideWith any product, there are models galore from which you can choose – which is why you have to be particularly careful when weighing your options. There are many big talkers out there, but with very disappointing performances.

This is why you need to take every little aspect into consideration and decide whether a particular choice is good for you or not. Here is what you have to go for:

1. Frame

If you buy a sliding shower door with a frame, you will reap the advantage of sturdiness and stability. However, you will have to make sure that the frame is sturdy enough to withstand the constant sliding. You will have to determine exactly how much framing you need – whether it should be framed or frameless. However, most people do not consider it the “classy option.”

On the other hand, frameless shower doors have a much more elegant appeal. Since you cannot see the frame, it will make your bathroom look bigger and ultimately more elegant. They are more expensive – so, you will have to consider your budget carefully.

2. Type of Glass

You may be surprised to find out that there are more types of glass to choose from – all depending on your personal preferences. Here is what you may go for:

2.1. Clear Glass

The most popular type of glass there is, this one is likely the least expensive. At the same time, it’s the one that will give you a modern, high-end look. Clear glass sliding shower doors will give the impression of a larger space, making a small bathroom appear bigger.

The advantage of this kind of door is that the interior will also be much better-lit. You will be able to see everything – the only downside being that others will be able to see as well. This is why this kind of glass is not ideal if you install it in a shared bathroom – not without shower curtains. You may also have to clean it more often, as water and soap stains will be much more visible on this kind of glass.

2.2. Frosted Glass

Frosted glass panels will seem as if they have a white finish – one that has been achieved either by sanding or by etching a piece of clear glass. While it may not completely hide the fact that someone is there in the shower, it can still partially block the area, giving you at least a certain degree of privacy.

The effect is cloudy – and since it is not fully opaque, shapes and colors will still be visible through it. However, unless someone is actually squinting to see you through the glass, they probably will not be able to see much.

2.3. Textured Glass

Textured glass is also fairly popular nowadays. It is a glass that has been given an imprint – the most popular option being rain glass. It will look as if rain is falling down the glass and is a very good choice for modern bathrooms.

It may be a bit more see-through compared to frosted shower doors – but it’s not as easy to discern details as it is with a glass shower door. You will still receive a certain degree of privacy.

2.4. Tinted Glass

If you do not like boring colors in your bathroom, then you might want to go for tinted glass, as this option adds a touch of color. The most popular choices include gray and copper – but with today’s manufacturers, you can find various other colors.

This type of glass will diffuse light and make the shower area a bit darker. So, it is the total opposite of clear glass. However, if it also has a frosted opacity, it will give you the privacy that you need.

3. Glass Thickness

Glass ThicknessThe type of glass is not the only thing that should be considered. Its thickness should also be taken into account. Needless to say, the thicker the glass is, the smaller the chances will be of you accidentally breaking it.

The thickness will mostly depend on the frame – or its absence. If you go for a framed model, there will be enough stability to make the use of a thinner glass safe. However, if you go for a frameless model, they will use thicker glass to enhance stability.

For the average frameless model, the thickness is somewhere around 3/8 inches and ½ inches, whereas the typical framed model will be somewhere around ¼ inches. If things tend to break often in your home, then you might want to go for thicker glass.

4. Glass Strength

Glass thickness and glass strength are two different things. The glass of a sliding shower door may be thick – but if it wasn’t compressed enough during its making, then it might be all bark, no bite.

This is why you should make sure that you buy tempered glass instead of regular glass. Tempered glass has a much more complex creation process, and even soldiers use it as shields – provided it was tempered enough. People use it on their car doors, and you don’t see it breaking very often – at least not without a very strong impact.

Most sliding shower doors nowadays use tempered glass – so, just to make sure, read the product description. One out of ten products does not use tempered glass. Thus, if you want security, you don’t want to pick the only “one” out of the batch.

5. Hardware

The hardware should be included in the package. The more choices you have, and the more complete the package is, the more price-efficient everything will be. Hardware comes in a variety of materials, going from bronze to chrome and brushed aluminum. However, if you have other plans for your bathroom, you may also find it in other colors.

The most popular choices are black, brass, nickel, or white. Make sure that your choice in hardware for your sliding shower door matches the rest of your shower and sink fixtures. It does not have to be the same as the color of the lighting fixtures or the doorknob – but the more it matches, the more it will allow the space to give a consistent look.

6. Ease of Cleaning

Needless to say, when you buy a set of sliding shower doors, the last thing you want to do is to continuously scrub the panels – particularly if all they ever do is the stain. This is why you should find a type of glass that is not easily stained and that does not need all the maintenance in the world to be kept clean.

Certain glass doors have a special film coating that will prevent them from getting stained. This will also help the sliding shower doors to be cleaned – even without all the fancy chemicals.

7. Size

Measure the height, width, and door size of your sliding shower doors. It would be catastrophic to find out that they do not fit in your bathroom or that you cannot get in and out of the shower. These doors are sold in various sizes. So, make sure that the one you choose is perfect for your space.

8. Bathroom Design

You might not think about this much, but the bathroom design is a very important factor when you are thinking about purchasing shower doors. This does not necessarily involve the way in which the bathroom looks.

In some cases, you might have to make certain modifications to your bathroom if you want to install these types of doors. For example, your current plumbing may have to be modified or moved around in order to fit your new appliances. In this case, you will likely need the help of a plumber.

How to Install a Sliding Shower Door

How to Install a Sliding Shower DoorWhen installing sliding shower doors, there are several steps that you might want to keep in mind. Besides the installation per se, there are some other factors you should consider. Overall, here is what you have to do in order to install a sliding shower door.

1. Considerations Prior to Installing

Before you even think of buying the sliding shower doors, here are some important factors that you have to keep in mind:

1.1. Configuration

You might not think much about your surroundings in the bathroom, but in truth, this is very important. The “makeup” on your walls, as well as the surrounding supports,  will be exactly what will support the weight of the doors. If it doesn’t seem like the tiles or whatever else you have on your walls can support the doors, then you might want to consider a bit of remodeling (or going for lightweight doors).

1.2. Showerheads

Yes, this is very important as well. Before installing a sliding shower door, you might want to get a showerhead that won’t spray the water outside the perimeters of your doors. For example, if your current showerhead is placed much higher than the height of your doors, then you might want to consider installing something at a lower level. If you want to learn more about what showerhead works best for your sliding doors, you might want to start from our shower heads page.

1.3. Ventilation

When you are installing shower doors, the steam will be kept in the shower area much more efficiently compared to when you have curtains, for example. Indeed, if you want to reap the effects of a steam room, this might actually prove to be a good thing – but too much steam can also be bad.

To put it in terms as simple as possible: we are all human beings. And as human beings, we will have to breathe at some point. And if the air has all been taken over by steam, it will be quite difficult for us to do so. We can see ourselves in a top-rated fogless shower mirror when we get out – but not if we faint in the meantime…

This is why you need to ensure that the shower area has a ventilation point installed nearby. Plus, this will prevent mold and mildew buildup – which can be a great problem with framed shower doors.

1.4. Measurements

Wouldn’t it be awkward to buy a set of beautiful sliding shower doors, only to find out that they do not fit in the space that you have available in your bathroom? This is why you need to take the correct measurements and compare them with the shower door model that you have in mind. If you are not completely sure how to do that, then you might want to hire an expert to do the measurements.

2. Installing the Sliding Shower Doors

After taking all the preparatory steps, it is time to actually install the sliding shower doors. Here is what you have to do.

2.1. Assemble the tracks

Before adding anything, you should begin by installing the tracks for the sliding shower door. If there is a frame, you might want to install that one as well. Prior to installing the track, you should always mark where it will go, so that you know exactly where to place the silicone sealant.

2.2. Apply the sealant and add the tracks

Take your tube of silicone sealant and put some on the shower base threshold. You should put it along the lines where you made the marks from the previous step. Add the lower track.

2.3. Add the brackets and anchors

Mark where the brackets should be on the tile and drill a hole in the tiles where the screw holes have to be. You may want to tape over the tiles so that they do not crack under the drill. Once this has been done, you should take the wall anchors – which you hammer into the drill holes.

2.4. Screw the frame in the wall

With the anchors fitted into place, you should screw the frame into the wall. At this point, you should apply sealant above and install the track – in the event that there is one. Not every sliding shower door has a track on the top.

2.4. Add the glass

With the frame installed, you should also begin installing the glass. Lift it up, and put it in its place. Make sure that the glass goes firmly on the track and you can easily slide it open. There is a high chance that you will have to install the rollers after placing the glass – which is why you might want to ask someone else to help you keep it steady.

With this, you are done installing the sliding shower door. Keep in mind that if you plan on doing the installation by yourself, you might want to consult with the instructions’ manual first. Only attempt to do this if you are competent and confident enough in your skills. If you aren’t, you should consider hiring someone to do the deed for you.

FAQ About Sliding Shower Doors

1. Are Frameless Shower Doors Easier to Maintain Compared to Framed Models?

Yes, generally speaking, frameless shower doors are much easier to clean compared to framed models. When you have a frame to a shower door, dirt and bacteria tend to gather more behind the creases of the frame – which is much more difficult to clean. To give them a deep clean, you will have to take out the shower door glass and clean the area that you would normally be unable to reach.

On the other hand, frameless shower doors do not pose such a problem. Since there is no frame, there are no difficult nooks and crannies that you will have to clean. You will simply have to wipe the glass. Thus, frameless shower doors are much easier to maintain.

2. Is It Safe to Use Glass Shower Doors? Won’t They Break?

Many people have this fear that the shower door will break easily while taking a shower. However, unless you throw yourself with all your weight at the door, this is unlikely to happen.

However, you will have to consider the glass from which it was made – specifically, whether it is tempered. Most shower doors, particularly the sliding frameless ones, are made from tempered glass to avoid this kind of impact. Plus, the thicker the glass, the more difficult it will be to break. You can see why glass shower doors can break and how to keep safe.

3. What If My Available Space Is Not a Standard Size?

It happens; sometimes, the size of your bathroom is not the same as the size of the shower doors you plan on purchasing. This might put a dent in your plan of installing a properly fitting shower door.

One plan would be to order a custom-sized shower door – but we all know that these tend to be quite expensive. As an alternative, you might want to go for a framed or semi-framed model. Since most of them have a certain degree of adjustability to the frame, you might get a little wiggle room. This way, you can install it in spaces where the dimensions are not standard.

4. Do Both Sliding Door Sides Move?

That depends. For example, if you go for a framed or a semi-framed model, there is a chance that you’ll be able to move the doors in both directions. However, most frameless sliding doors will work by the system “one door is fixed, the other one is moving.” If you really want a door that offers you this feature, then you might want to look for models that are advertised as “bypass sliding doors.”

5. Should I Install the Sliding Shower Door Myself?

This will also depend. For example, if you have the confidence that you can do it (and have someone helping you hold the glass panels in place), then you might be able to install a framed shower door yourself.

However, the problem lies in frameless shower models – and there is a fairly good reason for that. More often than not, frameless shower doors use tempered glass that can be very difficult to cut without the appropriate tools. This is why you may want to ask a professional to install them for you, as they will have the tools to cut through the glass – and manage not to break it while doing so.

6. How Long Will It Take for Me to Install a Sliding Shower Door?

This will depend on the shower door. For example, a single frameless sliding shower door may be installed in just a little over one hour. Framed models might take about 30 minutes longer since you will have to deal with the installation of the frame as well.

The size of the shower will also determine how long it will take for you to install the doors. For instance, your standard three-panel shower door might take anything from 2 to 4 hours to install – depending on the expertise of the one installing it. The more details there are to consider, the longer it will take.

This is why you need to read a couple of reviews before installing the shower door. See how long it took for other people to put it up – with or without professional help. This way, you will know whether you have to allocate time for the technicians to come to your house or not.

Wrap Up

Sliding shower doors represent an essential part of the furnishing from your bathroom. If you don’t want water splashing all over the place, then you might want to consider investing in the best sliding shower door. Not only will it be able to keep your bathroom dry, but it should also bring an extra touch of elegance in your bathroom.

Hopefully, our sliding shower door reviews have managed to bring you some insight as to what you should consider. Bear in mind that these items are very heavy – which is why you may want to ask for someone to help you. This will prevent any unfortunate incidents and will allow you to enjoy a good shower once everything is up and done.

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